Camposol and District Model Club


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    Open to anyone interested in scale models  


Our club was founded about  six years ago with the aim of promoting and providing a meeting point for anyone interested in scale models.

Our core membership at the moment is around fifteen people from the  immediate area with a wide range of interests besides model railways , these include Die-cast vehicles, model ships and dolls houses.

This diversity   has turned out to be a bonus  as it provides an opportunity  to exchange ideas and swop information between people with different interests, so usually if you have a problem with a project there is someone within the group who can provide a solution.

So we welcome anyone whatever their area of expertise or skill level  to come and join us and add their input to the club.

Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at a convenient location but everyone is sent a reminder about a week before once a venue has been confirmed




New Page Added

 Lowbeck Shed

Mazarron Coaches1

Ferrocarriles de Mazarron


Graham recently completed a set of coaches for his garden layout. These are built in wood from suitable kits and can be seen here hauled by the Fowler loco.

There are more pictures on his home page.

Go To Page Go To Page Time For A Brew Gresleys Finest Waiting For Duty

Sir Nigels finest awaiting their call to duty

Time for a Brew

For Locomotive photos go t0

Loco Page Dirty Work, but has to be done Deltic Returns to Shed After a Long Haul

Dirty Work

Deltic in Need of Some TLC

Wheeltappers resting

Wheeltappers Break

Robinson 04 Prepares for Duty

Robinson 04 Ready for Duty

Byford Station When I Grow Up

When I Grow-Up..

The Goods Yard 70034 Coasts into Platform 2

Brittania 70034 Coasts into Platform 2

For Latest Locos Click...

Arrivals 9F with Ore Train

9f exits Station with Ore Train-more photos on arrivals page

Black 5 approaches with the afternoon parcels train ...

D9011 Prepares for duty on The Scotsman in..

New Shed Byford Old Town A Busy Morning on Shed (2)

A Busy Morning on Shed

Lowmoor Road..

Crosti Enters Byford

Crosti aproaches with mineral train...

Robinson J11 Shunts in Yard

Robinson J11 Shunts Stock in:-

WD 2-8-0 heads out into the country with a heavy mineral train.   See...

Arrivals 2

A3 Neil Gow heads towards Leeds with The Yorkshire Pullman see more in...

Titled Trains Sen 3

Sentinel kept busy in..

Lowbeck Shed

Tinkers End.    New Photos Added April.

This will be a very large 00 gauge layout with full computer control, to see how it all started please go to......


   Barkby Thorpe. New Details Added April

            This is a new N gauge layout based on the Settle-Carlisle region.

For further details and to watch its progress please see ...

Barkby Thorpe B1 1 IMG_0422

New Videos,

Fitting a Boom-Box speaker to a Deltic DP1.



An mornings Trainspotting at the local Station.


Duchess                     Sir W A Stanier with Zimo sound and a Dumbo Speaker

IMG_0755 (2)


Fitting sound to

the 9F plus a running session.



Plus New

Signals That Bounce.

Building signals with a MegaPoint Controller


20181126_125604 (2) Track Plan Tinkers End

Byford Layout and Videos with links to pages

Tunding Junction ...

A modern image layout with a big emphasis on road vehicles .

IMG_20200428_122103 IMG_20200428_122025 Tunding Page